Human Leadership

'In order to become a better leader, you need to become a better human. You need to approach becoming a better human with as much rigor, relentlessness and creativity that one uses to acquire business skills'.

Kent Thiry, CEO Da Vita

In order to live happy and successful lives at work, home and in society we need to cultivate key human qualities, such as connection, self-awareness, personal responsibility and inspiration.

When we integrate these human skills within ourselves, we become a more authentic 'whole' human being and leader in all areas of our lives. We give ourselves choice and create a world that those around us want to belong to. Lead Like A Human helps you to bring out the human leader, connecting to yourself, your co-workers and your customers in new and authentic ways.

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We host FREE masterclasses though out the year to give people a real taste of the essential Lead Like A Human experience. The half day workshops cover some of the key tools from the three essential modules to leave you with a deeper sense of self-awareness, understanding and connection to your life and your role as a leader.

Spaces are limited at these sessions so if you are interested then please let us know as soon as possible. Sign up here and we will send you more information about our next workshop in Spring 2012.

The benefits

The benefits of Lead Like A Human are felt by you personally (whether you are in an official leadership position or not), the organisation you work for and eventually we hope by society as a whole as we become more self-aware, connected human leaders.

The programme gives you:

  • Space to understand your personal beliefs and values and how these shape your life
  • Awareness of what makes you truly happy, leading to increased performance, motivation and wellbeing
  • More profound levels of personal responsibility allowing you to take control of every aspect of your life
  • New beliefs and ways of overcoming challenges that are deeply transformative
  • A better understand of you the human, so you can connect with your family, colleagues and customers in a stronger, more authentic way

"I got a huge amount from this course - The material was delivered with an easy style that feels much more like a stimulating conversation than a training course and Genevieve is clearly both very knowledgeable about this subject and passionate about the development of her delegates. I think anyone would see great results from working with her"
Nick Burrows, Trainer, BskyB

"Emergency Happiness training courses are life changing experiences, with a training style that is professional, intuitive and supportive. Genevieve's enthusiasm and motivation ensures you receive high quality training. All the sessions were fun, enjoyable and really gave me something different "
Rachel McGuiness, Managing Director, Zest Lifestyle

It’s rare for a one-day workshop to make such a difference to your world – Genevieve’s ‘Lead like a Human’ masterclass is brilliant. Her expertise in people development stands out a mile and is a must for managers, leaders, teams, organisations and of themselves in getting the best out of their people and in fact, their lives. It is a rarity to experience a course that blends emotional intelligence, energy, leadership and communication within the context of high performing businesses and teams. Really worth the investment of time and energy. Totally energising and inspiring. Thanks"

Karen Smithson, Senior Consultant at Threehands

Spent the afternoon participating in Genevieve's 'Lead Like A Human' Masterclass in London.
As always, she energetically created a warm, nurturing, loving space for people to come together and explore their current state of being and, in joyful collaboration with others, playfully explore and recognise their potential. Great presentation in a beautiful energetic space, thanks"

Jason Browne, Connect-ivity - Katalyst-tv

Essential Lead Like A Human

The essential programme breaks down into three key aspects of human leadership.

Creating a different space
  • Harness the power of positive energy for yourself and your team
  • Bring 'human' to work more often creating authenticity in all your relationships
  • Build a safe, empowered space within the organisation that leads the pack and motivates others to come with you!

The language of beliefs
  • How personal and collective beliefs are formed and can be changed
  • Empowering beliefs in the face of adversity
  • How to create positive shared beliefs in your team and organisation

Creating connections
  • Engage in true listening and communication, creating connections through dialogue
  • Connect more deeply with your intuition, enhancing your leadership abilities
  • Create high performing, connected teams that enhance peoples strengths

For more information download our full programme brochure here.

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